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Arsenic and Lead

Keeping the arsenic – and lead – out

Recent media reports have again raised concerns about unsafe levels of arsenic in apple juice. Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice, made only from U.S. grown fresh apples, was not one of the brands mentioned. In fact, consumers are encouraged to look for juice without foreign concentrates as the safest choice. Additionally, Martinelli’s apple juice is tested annually by independent laboratories, and the analytical results have consistently shown no detectable levels of arsenic or lead.

A previous study commissioned by the St. Petersburg Times in 2010 raised concerns about unsafe levels of arsenic in apple juice. The Times staff reported "independent testing commissioned by the St. Petersburg Times has found levels of arsenic … that surpass the Food and Drug Administration's "level of concern" for heavy metals in juices." Again, Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice was not implicated in the study.

Also in 2010, San Francisco-based Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) conducted a study of the lead content in a variety of fruit products, including some brands of apple juice. Many were found to violate the Proposition 65 limit of 0.5 micrograms of lead per serving. Martinelli's Gold Medal Apple Juice was not one of them.

As reported by the ELF:

Lead has been and continues to be released into the environment from decades of lead-based pesticide application, use of leaded gasoline and lead paint, and burning of coal in power plants. The lead in the environment can then make its way into the food supply.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides additional information about arsenic and lead in juices that may be of interest to consumers.

Although it has not yet been proven, we believe some juice concentrates imported from foreign countries may contain impurities, including lead and arsenic. The problem lies in less stringent chemical application standards and cultural practices. Most of the apple juice consumed in America comes from China where arsenic-based pesticides are still widely used.

Municipal water supplies can be contaminated with heavy metals as a result of fluoridation with hydrofluosilicic acid. This in turn can contaminate juices when used to reconstitute juice concentrates.

That's not a problem with Martinelli's. Our Gold Medal Apple Juice is made exclusively from U.S. grown, fresh apples, not foreign concentrate, and contains no added water, preservatives or sweeteners. All our production facilities are maintained to the highest quality standards. We are independently certified for Kosher and organic processing and have received an Excellent rating in audits for food safety and quality by NSF Cook & Thurber who performs independent quality and food safety inspections for the food industry.

We buy our apples directly from local farmers with whom we have long-established relationships. The apples are thoroughly washed and hand-sorted to remove any below standard apples, then milled, pressed and pasteurized for purity to create a bottled juice that tastes as good as biting into your favorite apple.

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